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Custom and Professional

We do custom Shelving Units.

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The Barn Style

We build personalized Barn Style doors or mirrors

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Bespoke Furniture

We do any types of custom furniture you can think of, or find on Pinterest. 

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Tailpr-made Mirrors

Round, square or any shape you can imagine to really improve your home

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Timber Maintenance

We do maintenance on any timber deck or furniture. 

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Picnic Benches


We do custom benches of any size or style.

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Yes, we even do Thor Hammers

We do any novelty, small or big.

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How it Works!!


Find the Design

We can build from photos you find online or completely design from scratch by making a 3d render.


Once the design is finalised we will start on the construction of the bespoke piece

Quality Check

Once the project has been completed a quality check is done on the whole project to ensure the best possible quality


Once the quality check is finished we will pack up the project and have it delivered to you, anywhere in South Africa

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